Hack Code Description
Agar.tryStart(), afg_do(), afg_do_lab() Start a game.
nick Variable containing your nick.
ad_viewed() skip ad, or start game with no ad.
Agar.getToMain() Get to main paperio page.
Cookies.get('paperio_username') Returns value of "paperio_username" cookie.
Cookies.set('paperio_username', value) Sets value of "paperio_username" cookie.
$('#paperio_p1').val(value) Sets value of name input (id="paperio_p1").
$('#paperio_p1').val() Returns value of name input (id="paperio_p1").
afg_aftergame() No idea what it does.

Click here(AgarPaper.io©) and then press F12

Function to start game.

Copy and paste the code bellow in the console.

start(name, ad(true/false))